Injection hook strap is a specially designed hook and loop strap whose hooks are made by molding process. Unlike traditional hook tapes that use mechanical methods to create the hooks, injection molded hook tapes create the hooks through a molding process that injects tiny plastic hooks into the tape.

This process creates a stronger, more durable hook strap that can withstand heavier loads and resist abrasion than traditional hook straps. The injected hooks are also more consistent in size and shape, ensuring a tighter and more secure grip when attaching to the loop tape.

Injection molded hook straps are typically used in demanding applications requiring high durability. It is often found in manufacturing and can be used to securely join heavy components or materials. It is also popular in the automotive industry, where it is used in car interiors, seat cushions, and joining various components.

Overall, injection molded hook tape are a strong and durable fastening solution that provide reliable connections for heavy components and materials. Its molding process ensures a consistent and strong hook, making it ideal for demanding applications.