Back to back double sided Velcro hook and loop tape is a type of fastening tape that has a two-sided design, with one side featuring the hook while the other side features the loop. This Velcro tape is ideal for situations where a reversible, strong, and adjustable fastening solution is needed.

The tape comes in a roll and can be cut to the desired length, making it a flexible and convenient option for a wide range of applications. It is easy to use and can be attached to various surfaces, including fabric, plastic, and metal. The tape has a strong grip and can hold items securely in place, making it ideal for use in industries such as manufacturing, construction, and apparel production.

In addition, back to back hook and loop tape is also popular for use in home DIY and crafting projects. It can be used to fasten curtains, carpet, or furniture among other things, and can be easily removed or repositioned as needed.

Overall, double sided Velcro is a versatile and reliable solution for fastening applications that require a strong, reversible, and adjustable fastening solution.