Elastic tape is a stretch fabric commonly used in the commercial or garment manufacturing industries. Wristbands, suspenders, straps, and footwear can all benefit from woven elastics. Woven narrow fabrics are frequently used in specialized markets such as footwear, intimate apparel, sporting goods and wears, or medical and surgical wear or instruments.

Elastics can be found everywhere. Elastic woven tape is used in hunting vests for underwear, belts, bra straps, and shell holders. It is important to note that woven elastics are available in two styles: fold over and flat. When pressure is applied, fold over elastics easily fold. These are typically used in situations where comfort is required, such as underwear waistbands. Elastics that do not fold over are more durable and hold taut when pressed.

Elastic webbing band can also be woven into furniture, high-traffic seating, and automotive rebuilds. Weaving elastic is made up of wider elastic that can be woven to increase strength and tension resistance. Materials are typically stretched and attached after they have been woven.

We are China's leading manufacturer of woven elastic tapes. This type of elastic has a high quality, which encourages its use in high-end applications. These elastic tapes are available in a variety of widths and raw materials. Polyester yarn, Polypropylene yarn, Cotton yarn, Nylon yarn, and High quality heat resistance rubber thread can all be used to make elastics. Each material has advantages and disadvantages, such as overall strength, stretch, and specific use environment.


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