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What is the reflective principle of reflective fabric?

  • Reflective materials are also called retroreflective materials. Reflective fabric is an exposed reflective material, which is composed of base cloth, glue and thousands of high refraction glass beads. The glass bead is located on the most surface of the reflective fabric, which is in direct contact with the air.
  • According to the brightness, color and production process, reflective fabric can be roughly divided into plain reflective fabric, high visibility reflective fabric and high visibility silver reflective fabric.图片1Layer of diagram of plain reflective fabric products1. Glass beads   2. Glue adhesive layer    3. Base cloth图片2
  • Layer of diagram of high visibility reflective fabric and high visibility silver reflective fabric products1. Glass beads    2.aluminium coated     3.Composite glue adhesive layer   4. Base cloth
  • Aluminum coated or non aluminum coated glass beads can reflect the reflected light back to the light source according to the original path by using the optical principle of light refraction and reflection in the glass beads, so that the observer near the light source can clearly see the target, effectively avoid accidents and ensure the personal safety of the wearer.
  • 图片3_副本
  • The degree of safety improvement of reflective cloth is measured by its reflective intensity. The higher the reflective intensity is, the better the eye-catching effect is, and the farther the driver finds the target. The aluminized glass beads can greatly improve the reflective brightness of the reflective cloth. The study found that bright silver reflective cloth can be found by motor vehicle drivers from 300 meters away.



Post time: Jan-22-2021