The application of reflective safety items takes advantage of the reflective effect that the reflective fabric tape provides.whether day or night, TRAMIGO Reflective fabric always express excellent retroreflective feature, can reflect the direct light from a long distance back to the luminous place.As we are all aware, the market is stocked with various types of reflective material.Reflecting chemical fiber cloth and reflective T/C cloth are the two types of reflective fabric materials that are the most commonly used.

TRAMIGO Reflective is one of the most reputable suppliers of reflective fabric in China. The company's primary focus is on the production and distribution of reflective products, including glossy reflective clothing, high gloss reflective fabric, reflective hear transfer film, reflective fireproof fabric, reflective tape, reflective glass bead tape, elastic reflective fabric, reflective lattice belt, and a variety of other reflective goods.All of these reflecting goods each have their own unique set of features and uses, as well as unique reflection values and characteristics, and they all have full process control thanks to TQM and SPC.